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Additional Services

We extend our support for other operational activity as required by your business to accomplish the product delivery / online services.

Reports & Analysis

Ecom OPS can help you monitor your biz, order / sale and customer details. Following are few basic reports and analysis provided by us.

  1. Online & Email Biz Numbers / Summary Report – Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly.
  2. Mapping of Sale & Refunds.
  3. Tracking Orders History (Dropout, Fail, Success, Refund, Chargeback) – For CRM
  4. Email Order History to Customer.
  5. Order reconciliation Report
  6. Logging Logistic / Goods dispatch & delivery Details.

Daily Reconciliation

The reconciliation is done to ensure that client has received payment for all the successful payment on their website and also ensure (double check) that the orders cancellations are refunded to the customer.

Ecom OPS will perform three way reconciliation for the payment received online. We will tally the payment done by customer (First Part), transaction logged in the bank (Second Part) and maintain records the amount credited to by bank.

The Three Way reconciliation will help resolve problems like duplicate payment, customer charged – Order not done, short payment from bank, excess payment, if any.

Not only this, the duplicate payment received or payment received for erroneously order will be automatically refunded to the customer. Thus, you need not worry to tally your payment / orders and payment on daily or weekly basis. The records / reports of reconciliation and action taken will always be available to you for verification or audits.

Most of you customer queries with regards to the error in payment will be resolved even before they complain to you. And you will never receive chargeback for error in Orders or duplicate payments.

Vendor Payout

Payment to vendors is a very critical affair and need to be managed very carefully. The vendor payout depends on various factors like, delivery of goods /services, return / exchange, cancellation / refund of orders, etc.

We can manage following activities to simplify your vendor payouts:

  1. Tracking Delivery / Return of goods.
  2. Revers mapping cancellation / refund requested by customer.
  3. Keep account of amount payable to vendors.
  4. Generate vendor payout reports, both summary and detailed report.
  5. Send instruction to your finance team at predefined vendor payout cycle.

Risk Management

EcomOPS can control fraud transactions by implementing an effective Risk Management System and flagging suspected transaction to the client before the goods / services are delivered. We keep track of such transactions and update you from time to time about possible suspected transactions or customer behavior.

We review each transactions and filter them based on parameters like, blacklisted IP & email address, setting up count and amount threshold on online booking, mapping the location of transaction, billing address of customer etc.  We provide customize risk management based on the business category, location, customer history, booking history.

Manage Chargeback

There are instances where customer may dispute the queries directly with bank leading to Chargeback / debit to Merchant / Client. The Chargeback show negative impacts on business and if the Chargeback high compared to sales volume, Visa & Master Card or Bank might blacklist the your business and block your online payment account.

We control Chargeback by implementing an effective order documentation process, reconciliation process and customer support system. We also help you represent (submit order related document to bank for) the chargeback cases to help you avoid unnecessary debit to your account.

Payment Queries

Payment related queries are commonly raised by finance team, auditors or client themselves. The query might be basic questions like: How has bank arrived at the net amount? OR What are the deduction done by the bank before payment? OR The amount reflecting in my account is not correct? Or Have I received payment for certain x, y and z days? and so on.

If you send your query to bank or payment gateway, they will take at 24 hour or 48 hours to responded to your basic queries. We have enough experience on hand to resolve a lot of the queries without referring them to the bank or payment gateway. We provide prompt clarification and explanation to your team for most of the queries and save time and effort of your crucial resources.

For queries submitted to bank or payment gateway, we will help you put the query across and follow-up on your behalf with the bank or payment gateway for a quick resolution.

CRM Support

Your customers will always come upto you to with various queries when they purchase goods / services online. Most of the queries are transaction related: I am charged twice, please reverse one transaction? OR I have not received the refund in my account? OR The transactions has failed, but it is charged to my account? etc..

Normally the customer support team might need the finance team team to validate the customer claim or query and action taken in case there customer query is genuine. The finance team inturn forward all the query to bank to check if the customer claim is genuine. The entire process might take 24 hours to 48 hours to identify the problem and resolution might take few more days.

With our experience and expertise, we reduce the resolution time of such queries with prompt repose to customer support team and quick resolution for matter to be resolved by internal team or bank or payment gateway.

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