Development of Plug-in:

We will develop the payment gateway plug-in for the desired ecommerce platform and payment gateway service provider as per your requirement. We will test the plug-in at our end, to ensure that it is secure and bug free before installation on your website.

Installation of Plug-in:
We will perform compatibility test of the plug-in your website and server. We will install the payment gateway plug-in on your website and configure it as per your merchant setup details provided by the bank.

Support Security Testing:
Once the plug-in is installed, we will perform some basic transaction and security testing. Submit the required test report to bank and also support the security testing performed by the bank. We are open to make modification to the plug-in, as suggested by the bank.

Support Go-live:
Once the test phase is completed, the bank will activate your merchant account or might provide a different set of merchant account to be configured. We support you to re-configure the live merchant account details provided by the bank and re-test the entire process and also perform a live transaction.

Interested in developing Payment Gateway plug-in for your Website?

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